Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to Go to the Jeweler

It is official, I have to get my wedding band re-sized. In my poor ring's defense, it may be all the ring's fault. I may have gained some weight (apparently only in my fingers), maybe I'm just retaining water, or maybe the dog straining at the leash has permanently swollen my fingers.

As those who attended the wedding will know, the ring has always been a snug fit, causing my husband to hilariously give up while trying to put it on my finger at the altar, saying that "it would have to be good enough." While the deacon finished the prayer, I pushed it all the way onto my finger.

I blame the woman at the jeweler in Austin, who convinced me to go down to 5 3/4 from the 6 of the engagement band, because my "finger is the most slender at the base." Well, there is also a knuckle involved.

The fit hasn't really been a problem, until the other night when I wanted to take it off to avoid the discomfort that arises the morning after having a few cocktails. I used soap to help it slip off and not irritate my finger, and put it back on the next morning, also with soap. A couple of nights later, I realized that my poor finger had been irritated (red) by the soap under the ring, so I haven't had my wedding band on for the past few days. Maybe I'll try wearing it again now that my finger is better before I worry about getting it re-sized. Advice?

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Jackie said...

Its been awhile since this post. Did you need to have your ring resized?